Why Long-Term Disability Insurance is a Growing Trend

Most people don’t think about the worst-case scenario in life. In fact, our brains are actually wired with this defense mechanism in place so that we don’t allow those stressful overriding thoughts to commandeer our lives. We’ve long been of the mindset that we really only start to proactively take care of our futures when we have a significant other,…

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Why Startups Are Choosing Employee Assistance Plans To Support Their Teams

Employee Assistance Plans (EAPs) have been around since the 70s. But from the 70s to about the 90s they were strictly focused on addressing psychological issues. In the mid-90s, they branched out to include other components that have really extended them to become overall wellness programs. Today, EAPs support the overall health and wellness of your employees, their partners and…

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Canada’s New Global Skills Visa Program: Important Note About Employee Health Insurance

There is a shortage of tech talent in Canada, especially in cities like Toronto. To address this, the Canadian government launched the global skills visa program to allow Canadian companies to bring in foreign workers within two weeks. Up until this program launched, it would take up to a year to bring a foreign worker to Canada. Companies explain that…

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What U.S. Based Startups Opening Canadian Offices Need to Know About Employee Benefits

I speak with a lot of U.S. based startups that have or are looking to set up shop in Canada, specifically Toronto. Different laws, healthcare systems, policies and even corporate cultures between Canada and the U.S. create a big learning curve for the founders of these startups. I’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions I answer when…

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