Mental Health Epidemic

The Mental Health Epidemic Is Very Real In The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 

“With each passing unnecessary death, the importance of mental health comes briefly into focus - but that focus lasts no longer than a news cycle and nothing changes.” Between raising money, managing people, networking, making quotas, building a client base and constantly innovating, the treadmill never stops for entrepreneurs, leaving many feeling physically and emotionally drained. It can be a…

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2018 year in review

Year In Review 2018: What’s On The Horizon For 2019

With everything that went on in the insurance arena in 2018, I’m proud to see where everything is trending and evolving towards. Especially when you look at it from a coverage and technology standpoint, some carriers are really adapting faster than others - and it’s actually a win-win for everybody. The exciting challenge is for the advisor to keep up…

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Why Plan Sponsors Should Consider Adding Life Insurance In 2019

When you work with start-ups as often as I have for so many years, you really see this, “I’m invincible” mindset that nothing is going to happen to them. And while I would be lying if I said I hadn’t embodied that mentality when I was younger, the value of having life insurance added to your plan in your 20’s…

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Advisor of the Year

IPFS President, Chris Gory, Finalist For Life & Health Advisor Of The Year

The Insurance Business Awards for 2018 are once again upon us, with an even bigger lineup representing the insurance professions’ best and brightest. This black-tie ceremony brings together 500 top professionals in the insurance community, recognizing high-performance insurance teams, senior-level insurance professionals, young guns and the rising stars. Chris Gory, the President of Insurance Portfolio Financial Services, is one of…

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