E-signatures Are OK For Investments & Life Insurance….But Not For Employee Benefits

Last year around this time I wrote that I felt insurance providers needed to step up to the plate and start accepting electronic signatures – and if wet signatures still had a place in today’s high-tech world. As we fast forward thirteen months later, it’s incredible to see the collective progress an entire industry can make, because we’re finally seeing…

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Startups + Fraud

Fraud Is Still A Major Concern – But Are Startups Really Impacted?

There is a lot of money in insurance. According to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, private insurers paid out a whopping $34 billion in health claims last year! And as history has shown us, when there is a lot of money pooled in any given area, it can inevitably trigger greed – which in this case comes to…

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Are You Ready? OHIP+ Amendments Take Effect April 1st

The OHIP+ program, which has offered free prescription medication to all Ontarians under the age of 24 since January 1st, 2018, will undergo changes at the end of March. Teens and young adults under the age of 24 with any form of private health benefits will no longer be eligible to receive free prescriptions through OHIP+, but for those who do…

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Employee Benefits

April 2nd Is National Employee Benefits Day – And Why It Matters

National Employee Benefits Day was created in 2004 and is celebrated annually each April in the United States and Canada. The value of offering benefits coverage to staff is getting so important that it merits its own day. It is fascinating to see this growing movement that has stretched employer wellness programs to encompass all areas of total well-being: physical, mental,…

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