Brain Drain

Toronto’s Tech Boom: Brain Drain or Gain?

Toronto’s tech scene is scorching hot right now! According to recent reports, Toronto created more jobs than the San Francisco Bay area, Seattle and Washington, D.C., combined last year. It has been hailed as the “up and coming startup centre in North America,” and continues to solidify itself as a major international player in the tech space. While all the…

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Why Presenteeism Is The Silent Threat To Workplace Productivity

In order for your company to be a success, you need your people to be successful in their lives too. They need to be healthy, happy and productive in order to move ahead as a cohesive unit. The Globe and Mail actually hit it perfectly. “People are not machines. Without proper support, they may not perform to their full potential…

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Terminating Benefits (1)

Terminating Benefits At 65 Is A Slippery Slope

We’ve seen a massive shift in our collective attitudes towards equal rights in the workplace, but ageism is one area where we are seriously falling behind, and it can have a detrimental impact on our society. Pushing retirement and removing benefits are just twin elements tied into these archaic rules that haven’t been updated to reflect the new workplace. We…

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Taxable Benefits

Why Taxable Employee Benefits Is A Lose-Lose Situation

Recent reports surfaced about how taxing employer-provided health and dental benefits would increase the federal net balance by $3.8 billion. While this might add significant figures to the government’s annual spend, it will greatly shrink the disposable income of middle-income earners across the country every year. It’s a lose-lose situation and the long-term implications for this country are huge. What…

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