Ontario Hospitals

Ontario Hospitals To Continue Long-Term Disability Benefits After 65

  Imagine having all of your private health insurance across dental, vision, prescription drugs, life and disability coverage suddenly terminated by your employer at the age of 65 while you're still working for them — and just when you may really need them the most. Unfortunately, it happens way more than you think. In a world that for some reason…

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5 Insurance Oversights You Simply Can’t Afford To Make

  With summer officially in the rear-view and the collective feeling of ‘getting back into the swing of things’ taking shape, fall provides the perfect setting to get all your affairs in order on your home front. Between double-checking that your life insurance beneficiaries are updated to ensuring your child still can qualify for health coverage under your plan —…

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Benefits 2018

Canada’s Top Employee Benefits Providers For 2018

This past year marked the big push towards a digital transformation among many of the top carriers in a way of aggregating information and representing it easily, visually and in a personalized way. Telehealth saw an explosion in popularity for its convenience factor and immediacy, which shows how four of the top carriers all made major strides in the digital…

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Why Are The Reasons Behind Absenteeism Being Overlooked?

There was an overwhelming urge to better understand what absenteeism looks like in the workforce, according to the 2019 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey. With four out of five plan sponsors highlighting the immediate need to focus on the real reasons behind it, it’s time we make the strong business case to address what happens behind the scenes to lead up…

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