Most Employees Vastly Underestimate Their Total Compensation

This is an article that I previously provided to The Globe and Mail: If you’re a small business with staffing concerns, you’re not alone: over 50 per cent of business owners are worried about attracting the right candidates, and retaining their key players once they find them. The latter can be especially difficult in the startup space, where high salaries, amazing perks…

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employee termination

Two Rules To Protect Your Startup When Employees Leave

Building a company certainly comes with challenges and pressures, including preventing your top talent from hitting the free agency market (especially in Toronto’s highly competitive startup space). Although employee benefits plans improve retention rates and employee satisfaction, the reality is that employees will come and go. When they go, you need to make sure you have your bases covered to…

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Are You Providing Health Benefits Coverage That Your Team Actually Wants?

I talk to a lot of startups about health benefits coverage. While there are differences from company to company, massage, dental, vision and drug coverage have always been top requests. However, over the past 18-24 months, I’ve noticed a shift in what startups are looking for in terms of health benefits coverage for their teams. In addition to the basics…

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Has Your Startup Thought About Employee Benefits?

This is an article that I previously provided to BetaKit: When it comes to evaluating benefits for your startup, it’s not always about focusing on traditional plans, especially if you’re looking to recruit and retain younger staff. When building a benefits plan for a millennial workforce, it’s important to consider alternatives beyond the standard offering, since comprehensive medication or family…

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