Considering An Employee Benefits Plan For Your Canadian Staff? Here’s Where To Start

Congratulations: You’re opening a branch or subsidiary office in Canada! Tapping into Canada’s market of 33 million citizens, not to mention its highly educated and motivated workforce, is a great idea. Now that you’re staffing up, you’re undoubtedly looking at a benefits coverage for your new Canadian employees. Before you jump in to the first available plan at the top…

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How Will OHIP+ Impact Startups?

If you follow any major Canadian news outlets, you’ve probably heard about OHIP+ and maybe even read some conflicting opinions on it. As a founder of a startup or someone who is involved in recruiting and people management at a startup, you may be wondering – will OHIP+ impact us? Before exploring the potential impact of OHIP+ on startups, let’s…

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IPFS President, Chris Gory, Finalist for Insurance Business Award

Insurance Business, the industry's leading business resource, is presenting its second annual Insurance Business Awards. This year, it will once again shine the brightest light on the outstanding companies and individuals of 2017. Twenty organizational and individual awards are designed to ensure national recognition for both large and small organizations. Chris Gory, the President of Insurance Portfolio Financial Services, is one…

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Why Long-Term Disability Insurance is a Growing Trend

Most people don’t think about the worst-case scenario in life. In fact, our brains are actually wired with this defense mechanism in place so that we don’t allow those stressful overriding thoughts to commandeer our lives. We’ve long been of the mindset that we really only start to proactively take care of our futures when we have a significant other,…

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